FilGoal | News | The contractors announce via Joule the transfer of Mohamed Talaat to Smouha


The Arab Contractors Club announced via the transfer of the yellow team striker Mohamed Talaat to Smouha.

Mohamed Adel, a member of the Contractors’ Board and General Supervisor of the ball at the club, revealed to that Talaat was transferred permanently to the Alexandrian team.

Adel told “Mohamed Talaat is one of the distinctive elements and he has not been skeptical about the contractors for the whole time he was with us.”

“We respect him and wish him success with his new club,” he added.

He concluded his statements, “The player is now the property of Smouha Club after we got the financial value for selling it and we sent them their own dispensing, and it was his last day with us.”

Thus, Mohamed Talaat becomes the first winter deal for Smouha, who will start his career with Hamada Sedky, the new coach of the Alexandrian team.

Faraj Amer revealed to the duration of the Talat Smouha contract, which is 3 seasons and a half.

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