FilGoal | News | The Fyler Conference: Metwally’s injury is not great … and this is the reason for exhaustion


Al-Ahly coach Rene Filer explained the position of Mahmoud Metwalli, who came out affected by the injury in front of Tanta in the 13th Egyptian League.

Al-Ahly achieved a big five-point win over Tanta and strengthened its lead in the ranking table of the local competition.

Feiler said at the press conference after the meeting: “Said and satisfied with the performance and the result achieved by Al-Ahly today.”

And on Metwally’s injury, Wasel said: “He is satisfied with the player’s performance, played well in the game and his injury is not great, but he was subjected to mere muscle fatigue and will be examined to determine the size of the injury.”

“Mahmoud Metwalli sometimes plays as a defender and sometimes he plays in the center of the defender and in modern football, you must have more than one player who is good at playing in more than one position,” he added.

In response to the recent injuries of Al-Ahly players, “Most players suffer from fatigue and muscle strain due to the length of the African flight and the return from Zimbabwe.”

“The difference in performance locally and Africa is due to the strength of the Champions League, and this is not a reduction in the league,” said Fyler.

He concluded, “It is natural that the performance of the team differs due to the strength of the competitors in Africa, other than temperatures and travel, which increases the difficulties of the team in Africa.”

Al-Ahly tops the league table with the full score with 33 points from 11 games.

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