FilGoal | News | The official announcement is nearing … Cameroon does not mind changing the date of the nations of Africa 2021


It appears that the Confederation of African Football (CAF) will announce a change to the date of the African Cup of Nations 2021 within hours.

The tournament was supposed to be held in Cameroon from 11 June to 9 July 2021, which is causing a crisis in football around the world, as the FIFA has decided to hold the FIFA Club World Cup version with its new system from 17 June to 4 July 2021.

The Confederation of African Football, headed by Ahmed Ahmed, is in Cameroon to agree with the Cameroonian state to change the date for January 2021.

“In terms of the best time for organizing the tournament, there are several proposed dates,” said Cameroonian Minister of Sports Moili Combe, agreeing to change the tournament’s date.

“We want to say with a clear voice, that all parts of Cameroon live in difficult weather conditions from June to September,” he told RFI.

It is scheduled to announce the change of the championship date in addition to the new dates for the March round of the championship qualifiers, after the change of the date.

“In view of the climatic conditions, the start date of the Africa Cup of Nations 2021 competitions will be decided at a later time between the African Union and Cameroon,” the Confederation of Africa said in a statement posted on its website two months ago.

“From now on, all competitions of the African Union, the administration will decide the dates, times and place of the matches after analyzing the opinions of the teams concerned,” the statement added.

The tournament was held for the first time in the summer of June and July 2019 on Egyptian soil, with the participation of 24 teams for the first time as well.

A crisis expected in the summer of 2021 due to the two African Nations Championships 2021 and the Club World Cup.

FIFA announced that China will host the FIFA Club World Cup 2021, with 24 teams participating in the first edition of the modern system.

It seems that the International Federation and its African counterpart will try to break this deadlock by adjusting the date for the nations of Africa.

The tournament will be attended by 8 European clubs and 6 from South America, while Africa, Asia and North America will participate in three clubs for each of them and finally Oceania represents one team.

Reports indicate that the last 4 champions of the Champions League 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 champions will participate in the Club World Cup 2021.

“This is a historic decision in football, it will be a competition that every person and child who loves football will aspire to,” said FIFA president Infanteo.

Qatar will host the FIFA Club World Cup in successive versions in 2019 and 2020, with the participation of seven clubs.

The European Clubs Association has expressed its previous rejection of the idea of ​​raising the number of participants in the tournament to 24 clubs.

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