FilGoal | News | The Sudanese Hilal allocates 500 tickets for free to Al Ahly fans


Sudanese Crescent officials have decided how Al-Ahly fans will attend the match between the two teams, next Saturday, in the sixth round of the African Champions League.

“Al-Hilal Club will allow 500 fans to attend Al-Ahly for free, so any excess number will have to buy tickets,” said Hosam Issa, Egypt’s ambassador to Sudan.

Issa said through the program (Allaib), “We took all the measures to run the match on a distinguished level befitting the two big teams, and we met with the Minister of Interior, and we agreed on a comprehensive insurance plan for Al-Ahly, which includes guarding the residence and bus players, whether in training or the match.”

He continued, “There is full cooperation from the security authorities regarding responding to the demands of Al-Ahly, and there are mutual contacts between the administrations of the two clubs, we seek to be just a football match.”

At the end of his remarks, the Egyptian ambassador pointed out, “Two cases of (Corona) virus have appeared for two people from China, and they were kept in custody, one in Khartoum and the other outside the capital.”

Al-Ahly needs to draw only against the Sudanese league runners-up to qualify for the quarter-finals of the championship.

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