FilGoal | News | Tunisian stadium: There have been no negotiations with Al-Ahly to include Mpenza … the player moved to Belgium


Jalal Issa, head of the Tunisian stadium club, denied that any negotiations between his club and the Egyptian Al-Ahly club regarding the transfer of his Congolese striker, Gee Penza, to the Red Fort.

“There have been no negotiations between us and Al-Ahly on Mpenza,” Issa told the Match program via Sada Al-Balad.

“The player has already officially moved to the Belgian club Bruges,” he concluded.

Jalal Issa had revealed earlier that his club was waiting to enter Al-Ahly and Pyramids in negotiations with him to include Mpenza. (See details)

Mpinza was born in 2000, and can be registered under the age in the Egyptian league without counting it as a substitute.

This season in the Tunisian League, Mpenza scored 6 goals in 12 games and is the top scorer in the tournament.

Mpienza moved to the Tunisian stadium in 2018, after playing for several Congolese clubs, and scored with the team a total of 11 goals in 26 games.

Al-Ahly is looking for a striker at the moment, based on instructions from coach Rene Vyler.

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