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Kiki Seten – Barcelonas new coach – has never hidden his admiration for Yuan Cruyff, but he directly contributed to the end of his beautiful journey with the Blaugrana a quarter of a century ago.

Barcelona announced the appointment of Citin as the new coach of the team, replacing the alleged Ernesto Valverde, For the man from Cantabria to begin a new adventure at the age of 61, after he was content with leading small and medium teams in his training career.

However, before Citin became a coach, he was a well-known player in the Spanish League, playing for Racing Santander in two periods and the last witnessed a historic confrontation in which Barcelona defeated five goals without a response.

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This historic match for Racing dates back to February 11, 1995, and Cittin was the team leader at the time, and he even scored his second team goal.

Cettin generally faced Barcelona 22 times as a player, and he only won 5 times, compared to 12 defeats and 5 draws, but that night a quarter of a century will be his best memory in front of the Catalan leader.

This season, 1995/96, was the last for Yuan Cruyff as Barcelona coach, as the club management decided to leave at the end of his career after leaving without titles.

This five-time defeat at Racing Land is believed to have been the last spear in Cruyff’s coffin that was already reeling from another five-week defeat just 5 weeks ago at the Santiago Bernabeu by Real Madrid.

Citin and his companions took advantage of Barcelonas dispersion, and gave them an immortal five-year lesson on a cold night.

Coincidentally, the Barcelona goalkeeper who received the Citin goal in that match is the father of one of his current players.

This goalkeeper is Carles Busquets, Sergios father, and Bad Busquets’ night did not stop at receiving 4 goals, but rather followed him with a penalty kick at the end of the match and was sent off, to receive his replacement Jes أنs Anjoi V.

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