Final court ruling in the case of Reham Saeed abuse of obese people … what is it?


9 hours ago

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Al-Quds Al-Arabi: An Egyptian court issued a final ruling in a case Egyptian media, Reham Saeed On charges of offending obesity patients.

The court ruled that Said was acquitted of the accusations that she was accused of insulting obese patients, describing them as dead and distorting society during its “Sabaya Al-Khair” program.

It is noteworthy that a lawyer had submitted a communication accusing the media worker of contempt and insulting obese patients, which caused great anger and controversy, as she said that these dependents on their families and the state and that they are dead.

Reham Saeed had responded to the criticism leveled against her, explaining that her statements were circulated in a different way from the context in which she was said.

The Egyptian media said that her words came in the context of a campaign against obesity, and not out of ridicule.


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