Find out how dangerous the wrong gear for a manual and gear shift


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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Erfurt – (dpa):

Sometimes the driver drives to the wrong gear that results in the friction of the metal parts, but how dangerous is that?

To answer this question, the German Technical Inspection Authority indicated that the transmission for the wrong gear is not only harmful to the transmission, but may also harm the engine.

Depending on the severity of the defect, the gear parts are subject to heavy load, and repetition of this process may lead to early wear of synchronization rings, sealing elements, or even the needle bearing.

And if the driver drives to a very low gear, for example when accidentally switching from the fourth gear to the first, the engine will shift the high revs from the high gear to the lower gear, which drains the car firmly.

This means that the number of turns reaches the maximum extent possible, which not only harms the transmission, but also the engine, because the very high number of turns leads to the piston moving more quickly that does not correspond to opening and closing valves. And when the pistons collide strongly with the valves, they can bend or break the piston, as well as the joint bending as a common result in such cases.

Automatic transmission:

Wrong gear damages are not limited to the manual transmission, but also include automatic transmission. Some drivers with automatic transmission move from D to R very quickly when maneuvering so that they can reverse quickly.

In the event of a change in the speed stages while the vehicle is still running, overload is carried on the automatic system, and this incorrect operation inevitably leads to increased wear of the transmission components.

On the other hand, transmission damages may occur due to lack of maintenance. For example, the lack of oil damages the transmission and the engine as well, due to increased friction between the mechanical components inside and material wear, which may amount to a gear break.

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