Fleeing contractor Mohamed Ali retires from politics after his incitement calls failed


Fleeing contractor Mohamed Ali announced his retirement from politics and his return to art and business after the failure of his provocative call and the Egyptians refusing to take to the street.

The fugitive contractor, Mohamed Ali, came out in a live video on his Facebook page, revealing that no one had answered his invitation to demonstrate, announcing his apology to the Egyptians, saying: “It is very possible that I will be wrong and you are right.”

The fugitive contractor, Mohamed Ali, said during the video: “The gym ended up with you after the people ruled and decided not to go out to demonstrate and no one went down in a demonstration.”

The fugitive contractor, Mohamed Ali, added: “I apologize to the Egyptian people … the answer is high.

The fleeing contractor Mohamed Ali concluded the video, announcing the closure of his Facebook page at 12 pm and his retirement of politics, and that his new page will be about art and business.

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