For his criticism of Erdogan .. Turkey’s media covers the face of a basket player during matches


Source: Bandar Al-Doshi – Washington

Turkish basketball player Anis Kanter, who plays with the Boston team in the American Basketball League, expressed his great sadness that the Turkish media covered his image with a black mask while broadcasting the team’s matches in Turkey, describing this behavior as a result of dictatorship in Turkey.

“It is very sad! This is how the basketball sites in Turkey are imposing censorship on me now during the games,” he said through his Twitter account. “I feel bad for the NBA fans in Turkey. They cannot watch basketball properly because of the dictatorship.” I attach a video in his tweets that shows Turkish broadcasting networks trying to cover the player’s face with a black cover while playing.

The Turkish basketball player, Boston NBA team member Anis Kanter, had challenged Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Twitter, and said in a tweet addressed to him: “I am something you cannot defeat … I am hope.”

In his tweet, he enclosed a television interview with the American MSNBC channel, in which he spoke about his insistence on challenging Erdogan who robbed democracy of his country. When the broadcaster asked him, Are you concerned about the possibility of your deportation to Turkey, which leads you to think about stopping talking to the media, the player replied, “When I heard about the deportation, I started laughing because you know, there are rules, regulations and laws and this is America, that’s why I don’t think It will happen. ”

Kanter added: “All I am trying to do is play basketball in the NBA, and my second job will be a human rights activist and freedom fighter. I don’t think these activities will push America to deport me to Turkey.”

He continued: “When I hear the word deportation, they come to my mind that they are afraid of my voice, my talks, and my topics that I am raising about Turkey. I do not care what they say nor the consequences that I will face due to the activities that I do. The only thing I will do is continue the war for freedom and democracy in Turkey”.


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