For the first time … Barcelona is the most economical football club


Barcelona topped the list of most football clubs to achieve material returns, for the first time in history, after it issued the table issued by the Deloitte Foundation specialized in professional services, which issues an annual classification of football clubs 23 years ago.

The Catalan club took the lead, after it became the only club in the world whose revenues exceed 800 million euros, as it reaped 840.8 million euros in the 2018/2019 season, beating rivals Real Madrid, which came in second place.

Real Madrid gained 757.3 million euros during the last season, ahead of English club Manchester United, which came in third place with revenues of 711.5 million euros, despite its poor conditions on the field during the last years.

And behind Manchester United came the club Bayern Munich, which yielded 660.1 million euros, and Paris Saint-Germain, who earned 635.9 million euros.

Eight English clubs are ranked in the top twenty in terms of the most economical football clubs, behind Manchester City in fifth place, Liverpool in seventh, Tottenham Hotspur in eighth, Chelsea in ninth, Arsenal in first Ten, West Ham United is eighteenth and Everton is nineteenth.


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