For the first time .. the father of the accused, Muhammad Rajeh, appeared in court


10:44 am

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Menoufia – Mohamed El Mallah:

The first appeal sessions submitted by Muhammad Ashraf Rajeh, accused of murdering his fellow student, Mahmoud Al-Banna, in Menoufia – witnessed the presence of the accused’s father for the first time, since the case began.

The father of the accused went to the court of Shebin El-Koum, Menoufia Governorate, to attend the appeal session, while the parents of the other defendants attended.

The crime occurred on October 9, last year, in the city of Tala, Menoufia, and turned into a public opinion case, and the cities of Tala and Shebin El-Koum witnessed marches demanding retribution for al-Banna, and the counselor Hamada al-Sawi ordered the public prosecutor to refer the accused, Muhammad Rajeh, and 3 others held to an urgent criminal trial, accusing them of killing The victim, Mahmoud Muhammad al-Banna, intentionally with premeditation.

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