For the second time .. Mona Farouk was transferred to the hospital (photo)


Actress Mona Farouk suffered a severe health crisis, after which she was transferred to a private hospital.

Her sister posted a photo of her on her Instagram page, during which she appeared crying and wearing a respirator on her face.Her sister commented on the photo, saying: “Say that God will not afflict us except what God has prescribed for us, and God did not want it. I will make her heal. May God heal her and keep away any harm from her, and the evil of illness is enough for you. A thousand peace be upon you, my sister, our Lord, may you do safety.”

Followers commented on the photo, wishing it safety and recovery.

This is the second time that Mona Farouk was transferred to the hospital in a short period, and the cause of her illness has not been revealed.


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