For these reasons the central bank fixed the interest rate


Moving the interest rate is one of the important influences on payment in the economic system, whether in the direction of investment and the operation of funds or in the direction of “technization” and profiting through large returns in banks. No effect on the size of inflation on the economy.

Today, Thursday, January 16, the Central Bank decided a number of important matters as follows:

Interest rate fixing.

Keep the return on deposit at “12.25%”.

Keep the lending yield at “13.25%”.

Maintaining the main transaction price at “12.75%”.

For these reasons, the Central Bank has fixed the interest rate:

The Central Bank of Egypt announced in a statement issued today after its first meeting during the year 2020 about the reasons that prompted it to stabilize the interest rate, which came as follows:

The inflation index and its movement in line with the expectations of the Central Bank, which recorded about “2.4% in the month of 12 of 2019, an increase of about 0.3 from the month of November of the same year” affected by the movement of poultry prices towards the rise.

Growth rate moved to 5.6%, its highest rate since 2007

The increase in the volume of contribution to domestic demand, driving a remarkable growth in economic activities, beyond the contribution of net exports during the past year 2019.

Low global trade risks, especially after the trade agreement covered by the truce between America and China.


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