For this reason, solar storms pose “the greatest danger to humanity” in space


Solar storms are a by-product of the ions and electrons emitted from the sun that collide with our planet at great speeds, and we are often protected from solar radiation on Earth, thanks to our planet’s natural magnetic fields or magnetosphere, however, solar or terrestrial storms in space can damage Satellite systems and spacecraft operations if they reach them without warning, according to Russia today.

Until recently, scientists believed that these storms erupted in the space region around the earth where they did not directly cross paths with satellites, but researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) found that solar storms could hit areas closer to our planet, and this discovery represents A problem because it indicates that weather in space can interact directly with spacecraft such as those whose mission is to observe the weather or the satellites used in the GPS.

Professor Vasilis Angelopoulos, from the University of California, Los Angeles, said: “By studying the magnetosphere, we are improving our chances of dealing with the greatest threat to humankind venturing into space: the storms supported by the sun,” according to the US Weather Forecast Center, could be Strong solar storms have a catastrophic effect on aircraft systems, power grids, and power outages. “

Weak storms can affect animals, which rely on their internal compasses to travel on the surface of the planet, and exposure to solar radiation explosions can also pose a major threat to astronauts residing on the International Space Station, or those who will reach the surface of the moon or Mars, even when Exposure to small doses of this radiation.

Because of an effect known as magnetic reconnection, solar storms can reach regions close to the Earth, and when the energy carried by the solar wind is transferred to the Earth’s magnetosphere, it is converted into kinetic energy and heat energy accelerating Significantly the movement of particles.

These “enthusiastic” particles in the magnetosphere can have an effect similar to that of the particles that flow from the sun, damage human DNA along with satellites, and the great danger is that particles may increase the chances of radiation poisoning and cancer in astronauts.


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