For women only .. Learn the signs of rare fallopian tube cancer


Fallopian tube cancer is a very rare type of cancer. Cancer occurs Fallopian tube When cells in the tube double control and form a tumor, as the tumor grows, it presses the tube and causes pain over time, cancer can spread throughout the pelvis and abdomen.

According to a Harvard health report, scientists do not know whether environmental or lifestyle factors increase the risk of this cancer. Some researchers believe that some women may inherit a tendency to develop the disease.

Women who inherit a mutation in BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes have a greater risk of developing fallopian tube cancer, as well as breast and ovarian cancer, if a woman is diagnosed with fallopian tube cancer, it is possible that she has a mutation in one or both of the genes and must be tested, if present, may Family members are genetically tested as well, women will also need to be evaluated for the simultaneous presence of ovarian or also cancer.

Symptoms can include fallopian tube cancer

Abnormal vaginal bleeding, especially after menopause, abdominal pain or feeling of pressure in the abdomen, abnormal vaginal discharge (white, clear, or pink), lump in the abdomen or pelvis.

Having these symptoms does not mean that a woman has Fallopian tube cancer, as these symptoms can be the cause of other problems.

The fallopian tube cancer should be considered when a woman has vaginal discharge or abnormal bleeding and a positive cervical test, but there is no evidence of cervical or endometrial cancer, if the CA-125 blood test is unusually high, it supports the diagnosis of fallopian tube cancer. (CA-125 is a tumor marker secreted into the bloodstream by some female reproductive cancers, but this does not prove that a woman has this cancer. CA-125 can be elevated for other reasons.

Your doctor may suspect fallopian tube cancer if he or she feels a lump while pelvic examination. Ultrasound or computerized tomography (CT) may show abnormal growth in the tube region.

Women often learn that they have this cancer when removing the fallopian tube to treat another problem.


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