Forbidden love .. The wife and lover killed the tuktuk driver for the sake of fun moments in Shubra .. Details


I passed Qalubia security services Whoever uncovers the mystery of the accident, the body of a driver was found dead in a circle Department of the second Shubra al-Khaimah Where it turned out that behind the crime his wife and her lover were the owner of a bakery, where the lover lured the husband and killed him and took over Tuk tuk His phone and cell phone and handed them over to his wife to hide her.

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The defendants were arrested and the prosecution took over the investigation, and ordered that the defendants be imprisoned for 4 days pending the investigation and charged them Charge of willful killing Investigations were requested about the incident and the forensic report on the autopsy of the victim.

The security services in Qalioubia received a notification of finding the body of a driver lying on the ground in the Bahtim area, with several separate stab wounds in the abdomen and chest, and found with him a wallet and a sum of money, and by asking his wife, she decided to leave her husband to work on the Tok Tok and he did not return home.

I reached Investigations of the detectives Behind the crime is the owner of a bakery who has an emotional relationship with the wife, who was caught and confessed to committing the crime to exist Romantic relationship Between him and the victim’s wife, for fear of exposing them, they resolved to get rid of him, so the accused accused of the victim, on the pretext of dinner together, getting rid of him and handing the tuk tuk and telephone to the accused.The suspect was arrested and faced with the accused, admitted to the crime and guided the belongings of her murdered husband, noting that she had an emotional relationship with the accused and asked him to get rid of the victim so that the atmosphere would be clear to them and they would marry, and the prosecution notified the investigation

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