Former Liverpool goalkeeper: Bruges duo, compared to Mohamed Salah


Simon Minnolet, the Belgium club club goalkeeper, and Liverpool previously, confirmed that the duo, Hans Fanken and Rod Vormer, his teammates, can be compared to the level of Mohamed Salah.

In a statement to the Belgian newspaper, The Last, Minnolet indicated that he considered Hans Roud better than his former teammate, Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino.

The former Liverpool goalkeeper said: “The duo Hans and my teammates in Bruges end the attacks very nicely.”

He continued: “Firmino and Salah are certainly amazing players, but the Brazilian is not a killer in ending the attacks.”

He concluded, “I always say that Hans and Ros are much better than Firmino, and they can also be compared to Salah.”

Menolier left Liverpool last August, moving to the Belgian club Bruges after Liverpool contracted former Brazilian goalkeeper Alison Baker.


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