Former Minister of Irrigation: Washington’s statement regarding the Renaissance Dam is obligatory for the three countries


03:42 am

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Books – Ahmed Massad:

Dr. Mohamed Nasr Allam, the former Minister of Irrigation, said that the final statement issued by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Irrigation of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan regarding the Renaissance Dam, is “satisfactory to the three countries”, in addition to being obligated to them to reach an agreement and bear its responsibility towards the storage process and bear drought.

Allam added, to Masrawy, that the statement clarifies that there is agreement on the general framework that will take place during the coming period, pointing to the continuation of meetings between the three countries.

He continued: “The most important thing in the current period is the failure of negotiations, and the establishment of a legal framework binding all parties to take into account the interests of the other party.”

He pointed out that there are still some basic points of disagreement, and Washington gave the three countries to find solutions between them before the January 28 meeting.

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