Fortnite 11.40 game update that added shine and excitement to the game .. Find out its features


Fort Knight combat game is one of the most famous games around the world, as it possesses huge popularity, helped it to be a leader in the world of electronic games, and is even on the top of the list at the present time, and the game’s developers are trying to return the game to its normal position After being struck by the black hole trick that ended in the first season of the game.

Fortnite Crisis Game

A large number of players from everywhere around the world complained about the game, which caused the departure of a group of players and resorting to other games, until the game responded and put a final solution to these problems, especially when the game reached 300 downloads and more, and the game has released the latest update Battle Royale, which attracted a large number of players more than those who left the game, to become the most recent update in the recent period, was based on this update, the American company EPIC, which owns a large group of electronic games specialized in fighting.

Fortnite game

The company does not want to share its game on the official game stores, specifically the Google Play Store, so it announced that all Android operating system users can download the game through the Google Digital Store. Fortnite is one of the most prominent fighting games that issue updates And additions to the game constantly, so that players do not get bored.

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