Found Egyptian journalist hanged in her apartment


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

Egyptian security services found a hanging woman in her apartment in Cairo.

Initial investigations conducted by the security services revealed that the husband of the media, Rehab Badr, who works as a media coordinator for the Luxor Film Festival, had been calling her from the workplace unsuccessfully.

Rehab Badr and her husband
Rehab Badr and her husband

Investigations showed that the mother went to her daughter’s apartment and knocked on the door a lot without a response, which forced her, and with the help of neighbors, to break the door and storm the apartment to discover her daughter’s dead and hanged body on her bed.

The examination indicated that all the apartment’s outlets and their contents are intact, and immediately the security services began summoning the husband, media relatives and acquaintances to listen to their statements and uncover the circumstances of the mysterious accident.

Rehab Badr
Rehab Badr

The prosecution that conducted the investigation notified and ordered the dead woman’s phone to be unloaded, and the real estate guard and the neighbors were being investigated to find out the last person to report the media apartment.

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