From a taxi, a bird to a voice-operated boat, this is how transportation looks in 2020


Numerous innovations have emerged for the transport sector, whether by land, air or sea, it has been CES The largest consumer electronics exhibition, the venue for a number of new land trips this year, as companies from all over the world exhibited their future cars at the Las Vegas exhibition, which features advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, electric power and autonomy, and the event displayed everything from air taxis to Boat powered by voice commands.

Taxi bird

Flying Taxi
Flying Taxi

A South Korean company has announced that it will start producing mass-produced aviation cars, making the idea of ​​air taxis closer to reality.

The plane was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CESIn Las Vegas, it is designed to carry up to four passengers with a pilot, and fly on journeys of up to 60 miles (100 km).

The company indicated, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, that 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050, which creates a lot of congestion and goes beyond the current transportation system.

Tricycle motorcycle

Solar vehicle
Solar vehicle

A French company has shown start-up, for its part, for a pedal-powered tricycle, electric power and solar panels on the roof, already used by French postal services.

“It takes the best from the bike and the best from the car,” said Arnaud Shiro, the founding partner of the group, which is based on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. “It is 100% sustainable because it produces energy from solar panels.”

Smart boat with voice command

The smart boat
The smart boat

The first boat appeared in CES, Which is a 40-foot vessel with automatic docking capabilities, and allows passengers to communicate with it using gestures and voice commands.

It works Sea Ray SLX-R 400 It accommodates 22 people and comes with a lithium battery pack that can power high performance motors to save energy.

The yacht is equipped with three 450 enginesR Ultra charging and system Fathom e-Power The all-new, eco-friendly alternative to a fuel-powered generator system, and the boat has high-performance propulsion and elevated design elements.

The lithium-ion battery pack on board replaces gas generators in order to save energy, the boat SLX-R Only 10 Tesla batteries are used to power their engines.

Electric bike 10 kg only

Smart wheel
Smart wheel

Submitted Smacircle Headquartered in China, the simpler and lighter electric bike is designed as two small rings attached to the passenger compartment bag.

Darren Pike of the company said that the e-bike is only 53 cm (20 inches) high and weighs just over 10 kg.

“If you are taking a train to work, you can use this light bike to travel the distance between the train and back. It is easy to carry with you and transfers, and is environmentally friendly.

Independent technology cars

A Japanese car company also unveiled the concept of a car for what is known as “autonomous driving,” which combines many new driving technologies designed to help drivers easily switch between manual and autonomous driving modes, including a movable steering wheel that has many tasks, including work. As a way to increase the speed and brakes at the same time.

The steering wheel can also operate the car by double pressing the upper part, and it can move from side to side, which means that the person sitting anywhere in the car, left or right can drive.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the enhanced driving concept is the inclusion of an eye-reading technique that helped know if the driver is looking at the road or outside the window.


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