From Cairo .. The Israeli Minister of Energy comments on Turkey’s activity before the Mediterranean Gas Forum


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Cypriot Energy Minister, Yorgos Lakotrips, affirmed that the success of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum is a strong demonstration of the shared vision of the founding members to promote prosperity and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially after the recent repercussions in the region.

During his speech to the third ministerial meeting of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum held in Cairo, Thursday, “La Coutreips” said that the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Turkey and Libya is evidence of Turkey’s strategy to violate international laws, and that the primary goal of establishing the forum is complete control of our gas resources and cooperation for the benefit of peoples according to Rules that respect the rights of members, stressing that the forum will contribute to solving problems facing companies to work in economic regions.

For his part, the Greek Minister of Energy and Environment, Costis Hatzidakis, praised the work to transform the forum into an international organization that has an integrated structure that meets the interests of its members in the exploitation of their natural resources, stressing the commitment of members to resolve any disputes that may arise through international law and sit at the dialogue table.

He pointed out that «this message should reach the Turks in order to expand this cooperation so that Turkey joins with a precondition is its respect for international law and not unilateral action in the economic zone of Cyprus, and that the agreement signed between Libya and Turkey is an agreement between two countries not They are bound by common borders and want to draw the borders in the absence of the other parties, ”pointing out that the governmental agreement between Israel, Cyprus and Greece for the East Med gas pipeline project is the fruit of multilateral cooperation in the region and that it looks forward to Italy or other countries joining this project.

He also praised cooperation with the European Union, which should continue and increase for the benefit of the region, affirming Greece’s commitment to the ambitious plan of the European Union to reduce emissions and reduce carbon by using gas and renewable energy, and that there are positive developments for member states in the forum in the field of environment and conservation and that the forum takes into account the energies Renewable next to gas, on top of which is hydrogen as a future fuel.

The Israeli Energy Minister, Dr. Yuval Steinz, explained that the main goal of the forum is to provide a platform and umbrella for constructive cooperation and dialogue between member states, pointing out that the start of pumping natural gas from Israel to Egypt enhances cooperation between the two countries and supports the Egyptian position as a regional center for gas trading and trade, as he indicated Until the Mediterranean belongs to all, and no country can own it or hinder shipping and gas transfers from the Eastern Mediterranean to Europe.

The Israeli minister said that this is the response to a question about what to do in the event that Turkey obstructs the road in the Mediterranean, pointing out that the economic zone is not an international region and no country can impose its control on it, and he stressed that he hopes that the Palestinian Gaza Marina field will be developed during the year. The current and that the forum will help despite political differences in the development of the field for the benefit of the Palestinian people, and that the forum will play an international role in the future, given that the economic forces participating in its work, such as the United States, France, the European Union and the World Bank, believe in the capabilities and capabilities they enjoy from East Mediterranean Cluster.

He pointed out the importance of cooperation with Egypt and the export of liquefied gas to Europe through Egyptian liquefaction stations, and that Israel is interested in reducing emissions and carbon polluting rates of air and that in 2025 will witness total dependence on gas and solar energy instead of coal and diesel.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Mustafa, Advisor to the Palestinian President for Economic Affairs, on behalf of President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen, thanked and appreciated President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for his support and follow-up to the forum, noting that the eastern Mediterranean witnessed, after the discovery of natural gas, major economic transformations that necessitated concerted efforts to contribute to achieving prosperity For the people of the region, and it is important to develop the Palestinian gas field despite the challenges and imperatives that face this.

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