From innocence to daring clothes .. 10 photos reveal the transformation of Mona Halas looks


Today, actress Mona Hala celebrates her 35th birthday, as she was born on January 15, 1985.Mona Hala participated in the championship of many films and series. At the beginning of her artistic career, the directors assigned her the role of the innocent girl due to her calm and classic looks, but during the recent period, Mona Hala decided to rebel against herself.

The views of Mona Hala witnessed a great transformation, where she decided to highlight her femininity and her looks are characterized by pupils and she has published through her accounts on Instagram a recent photos revealing her elegant and bold looks.

Mona Hala talked about her relationship with the fashion in one of the press interviews and said: “I wear what is consistent with my personality and my style. Certainly, some fashion trends that appear from time to time stop me.”

Here are the most prominent pictures that reveal the views of Mona Hala ..


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