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The state’s interest in investment is very high, and what was published about the cabinet, led by Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, has sought to stimulate the various economic sectors to attract foreign investments and expand internal investments also Mahmoud and Mashkour This interest may not be in response to the various calls to support investment not only, and the optimal use of the current infrastructure, but also to correct the ongoing contraction in the private sector outside the areas of oil and gas. Dealing with the matter may need some effort outside the special fund to deal with doing business and the obstacles standing in front of “investment mechanics” alone, but by opening the way for new technologies to transfer Egyptian development not by steps but by leaps and bounds. What appears to be moving in it is limited to improving what is there. Therefore, the current growth rates herald more progress, especially if they maintain their current high rates. But what we are seeing from current jumps may warn us that when we reach our goals in the year 2030, the difference between us and the world may remain the same.

What is remarkable about the issue is that our interest during the last five years with new generations of cities was a benign interest that has emerged in the new administrative capital. Cities in general, old and new, are what ultimately emerges as a result of the overall development of the state and society, because then all the features of “progress” that have occurred for the entire nation are combined. Perhaps that was the reason that prompted the major industrial companies in the world to build completely modern cities. As far as I know, the first was Apple, which laid down its plan to build a city in Canada, and the last of which was Toyota Motor Company, which decided to build the city of “the future” at the base of Jabal « Fuji »In Japan. The concept of this city also comes from the world of industry, because the perception is that the city is “woven” or “woven”, that is, mesh networks that start with new forms of energy “hydrogen” fuel cells, and as a laboratory for using “independent” cars, that is, without a driver, Smart homes, artificial intelligence and other technologies.

Surprisingly, many of these things were brought up to me during a visit to Japan ten years ago as part of the trip was to watch the “museum” of the company “Panasonic” for the future, where the “smart home” was the one that is based on a full episode of the uses of solar energy being Including storing energy that is not sufficient for its presence to obtain lighting services and operating devices, but rather to circulating this energy inside the house so that it is reused again as long as the entire house has been immunized from its loss. Some of the inventions that I saw ten years ago, have not yet appeared, such as television, which man controls the size of his screen, which became any available wall, and it is likely that it will begin to appear during the current decade that began days ago. But what appears to be a breakthrough in technology lies in the issue of storing energy so that nothing is lost, and it is estimated that spending on this matter has exceeded seven billion dollars in one year. The car is also the same in which multiple breakthroughs occurred that did not only occur in the field of producing electric cars, or that without a driver, or even that flies, but rather in changing the arrangement of the major cars companies in the world. A few days ago, the market value of Tesla ($ 89 billion) The combined value of General Motors and Ford together exceeded (87 billion).

Returning to the future city of Toyota, the city, as its designers say, will still provide basic services. It will have police, ambulance, and schools. The new life ». It is a kind of qualitative development in which penetration takes place in many areas, and the common word in measuring this penetration is that it “undermines” Disruptive old life forms, to the extent that electricity and the car change the life forms. Analysts cite the example of evolution, which changes for the better in current life forms but remains intact. Natural gas is a cleaner, less polluted move, but energy remains in the fossil fuel range. Another example is that the BlackBerry mobile phone produced by a Canadian company was a significant development in the form and use of what has traditionally become Nokia, both of which no longer exist. The paradigm shift came with the Apple product, the iPhone, which led to the laptop, laptop, and mobile device in order to be the size of a human’s palm, which has become a kind of mobile production capacity.

More surprisingly, the developed and industrialized countries have succeeded in creating many episodes of interdependence between their major industrial companies so that competition is seen in a broad framework of integration. The fact is that Apple products are produced in China, as well as the production of driverless electric cars for Tesla and other companies. When Toyota announced its city for the future, this was done in the city of Las Vegas. In the Arab world, there are some ongoing efforts in the field of creativity and innovation, if not in the areas of basic sciences, but in the field of applications. And whoever visited the UAE, Masdar City is a small city that is all managed by solar energy that the Emirates does not only care about, but also the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which recently announced a new invention that contributes to raising the efficiency of solar panels in generating energy to suit the Kingdom’s atmosphere by up to 25%, increases the efficiency of solar PV experiences. And both countries are not only interested in renewable energy (Abu Dhabi is the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency “Arena”), but they also make a great effort in adopting scientific research that makes oil also friendly to the environment by removing “carbon” from it or what is called DE carbonization. Egypt has now opened the doors for many foreign universities to open branches, and King Salman bin Abdulaziz University is currently being established in Sinai. Can these universities have a technological component that not only improves what is present, but rather leaves and paradoxically and goes beyond what is present, Or are these dreams awake?!.


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