From the WhatsApp message to death … the tragic story of the Menia doctors accident – accidents


A sad night that the doctors lived after the death of two doctors assigned from Minya Governorate while they were attending a training course for the participants in the “Egyptian Women Health” campaign in the capital, Cairo.

Two young women, at the age of flowers, were killed after they spent nearly 20 years studying and learning and have not yet reaped the fruits of what they learned.

The disastrous WhatsApp message and the promise before death

A message via “WhatsApp” to young women doctors instructing them to travel a few hours later to Cairo from Minya Governorate to attend an important training for the participants in the campaign (Egyptian Women’s Health).

The letter threatens everyone who fails to attend training with punishment, punishment, and transportation, and that they must move dawn from Minya to Cairo under difficult weather conditions, regardless of whether they are girls and cannot bear all of this.

A doctor asks about the lack of train reservations, as the train is the safe way for them and that “the lion remains high”, but there is no life for those who call.

An official at the Minya Health Directorate told Al-Watan that the deceased and the injured tried to persuade the officials of the directorate to postpone their travel until the train was booked, but that all their attempts were unsuccessful, pointing out that it was better for a lecturer to come from Cairo and hold training in Minya to save hardship and effort.

Correspondence between the “Menia’s Doctors” and their superiors: who will succeed will be investigated

A hideous accident kills 4 of them two doctors

A few hours, the car in which they were driving was involved in an accident which killed 4 of them two doctors, the driver and a worker, and wounded 17 doctors and doctors.

Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, referred the doctors, in an accident on the desert road with creams, wishing the injured a speedy recovery.

Dr. Khaled Mujahid, adviser to the Minister of Health and Population for Media Affairs and the official spokesperson of the ministry, said that the accident resulted in the death of 4 people, including two female doctors, a driver, and a worker, and injured 17 other doctors and doctors, as they were heading from Minya Governorate to Cairo Governorate to attend one of the training courses.

“Mujahid” said that immediately after the accident, 14 equipped ambulances were transferred, which transported all the injured and deaths to the May 15 and Helwan General Hospitals, noting that as soon as the minister learned of the accident, she ordered the transfer of the injured to the Nasser Institute Hospital, and assigned Dr. Muhammad Hassani, the assistant minister for health initiatives The public, by forming a team of ministry leaders that included Dr. Sharif Wadih, Advisor to the Minister of Health for urgent and urgent care, Dr. Mohamed Gad, Head of the Ambulance Authority, Dr. Mohamed Shawky, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Cairo, and Dr. Mohamed Dahi, Head of the Secretariat of the Specialized Medical Centers, to follow up the case of the injured In touch Healers immediately after the accident, and ensure they receive the necessary medical care.

He added that the injuries varied between fractures, segmental wounds, and bruising in separate places on the body, while there were 3 cases receiving intensive care treatment at Nasser Institute Hospital, indicating that one case came out after her health condition improved and she received medical service in May 15 Hospital.

He emphasized that the Minister of Health and Population directed the provision of all medical care for the injured, as medical teams were formed from university professors to follow up the medical condition of all the injured, and also sent a detailed medical report of the first-time cases to check on their health status by themselves, and was also assured that there was sufficient stock of bags Hospital blood.

“Health” includes the parents of the two female doctors who died for the Hajj Medical Mission this year

Mujahid revealed that the Minister of Health and Population made important decisions following this tragic accident, as she decided to include the parents of the two deceased women doctors for the Hajj medical mission for this year, and to give their names to the two medical units in which they were working in their honor.

He added that Dr. Hala Zayed also decided to include all the injured in the Hajj medical mission for this year, in addition to one of their first-degree relatives.

The Minister of Health and Population will offer condolences to the families of the deceased in Minya, praying to God that they may give them the comfort of his mercy.

Ruth has lost her fetus and Fatima has been transferred for investigation after she survived

“Ruth Reverend Isaiah,” a physician in the early twenties, who lost her fetus, before completing his three-month-old life, while an injured woman was lying inside the Nasser Institute Hospital in Cairo, as a result of the accident, after the microbus had an accident on the Eastern Desert Road before entering the 15th of May City in Cairo, which resulted in Two of her colleagues and the driver were killed, in addition to 11 injured women, all of whom are doctors in charge, and they were forced to travel despite their objections, after threatening to refer them for investigation.

On the other side, a doctor called “Fatima M.” wrote, on her personal page on the social networking site “Facebook”, that “it was assumed that you were among the independents of the Minya doctors bus, which was one of the ends of a traffic accident on the eastern desert road at the entrance Creams are in control of Giza Governorate, today, Wednesday, and they were transferred to the investigation for refusing to board the car.

The doctor added: “The administration spoke to me in the morning with their thoughts, they assured me that I was supposed to travel with them. They told me you have an investigation, oh die, they turn us into legal affairs.”

Parents of the driver: He is known for his gentleness, kindness, married, and has two children

In a related context, a state of sadness prevailed over the people of the village of Damshir, which is affiliated with the Minya Center, the birthplace of Wael Kamal, the driver of the “Doctors of Commissioning” accident, who had an accident in the Eastern Desert Road, accompanied by a number of doctors who were on their way to attend a training in Cairo Governorate, and resulted in The accident killed one and two other doctors, and wounded 11 others.

One of the villagers said: “Wael is known for his gentleness, kindness, good manners and help for others. He is 30 years old, married and has two children. He used to support his family, mother and sister after the death of his father, and that he and his family only enter what he obtains from his work as a system driver Daily “, pointing out that with his death the family has no income and no family.

And drivers from the same village reported that the accident was caused by flying a cover for a semi-transport vehicle that was traveling in front of the minibus, and the cover fell in front of the driver, causing the vision to be blocked from “Wael” permanently, and the accident occurred, “A hand is tainted in the accident.”

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