Fruit prices on Sunday 26/1/2020 in the transit market


Today, January 26, 2020, fruit prices witnessed a state of stability, as confirmed by the Vegetables and Fruits Division of the Chamber of Commerce. The fruit contains vitamins, iron, and mineral salts that the body needs, and it is accepted by everyone, as many people are keen to follow the prices of fruits daily, and the reason for stability is due to the increase in supply Of enough fruit for the consumer’s need, just as all the various types of fruits are present in the Egyptian market, which increases the state of stability in light of the stability in demand.

Fruit prices on Sunday

Hatem Al-Najeeb, deputy head of the Vegetables and Fruits Division of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, emphasized that the price of baladi orange ranges in the market from 2-3 pounds, while sugar oranges ranges between 2-3.5 pounds, and Abu Surra orange price from 2-3 pounds per kilo, and has stabilized The price of tangerines ranged from 1.5 to 6 pounds, and the price of lemon ranged from 7-11 pounds per kilo.

The deputy head of the Vegetables and Fruits Division added that the price of grapes is 15 pounds, while the red turkey grapes have a price of 5_7 pounds, the date dates are about 3 pounds, the price of Zaghlul dates is 3-7 pounds, the price of sandy dates is 5-8 pounds and the peaceful dates are recorded. 15 pounds, while Al-Barahi recorded 20 pounds.

The price of American and Italian apples ranges from 17 – 23 pounds, the price of golden apples is 17 pounds, and the price of Syrian apples is 18 pounds, while the price of strawberries ranges from 4 – 9 pounds, and the price of cantaloupe is 3-6 pounds, and guava prices range from 4-8 pounds, and ranges from Pomegranate prices from 5-9 pounds., And Kaka from 6-9.


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