Full details of the story “The New Shahama Shahama” in Dakahlia (text of confessions of the accused)


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The Public Security Sector announced the full details of the arrest of two of the defendants in the incident of the death of a young man in Dakahlia, who ran over under the wheels of a van, while he was chasing two boys in “Tok Tok”, after they kidnapped a handbag from a woman, known as the “martyr of Shahama”, and chased The devices are a third suspect in the incident.

The security services were notified of a collision, and he died. What the examination showed was that during the course of a 57-year-old school on the street, an unidentified man was riding a motorcycle, “a tuk tuk without metal plates”. He kidnapped her handbag and when the owner of the 35-year-old cafeteria witnessed the incident, he chased the tuk The perpetrators boarded him, riding his motorbike, “his property.”

Major General Alaeddin Salim, Assistant Minister of Interior for the Public Security Sector, directed quickly the formation of a research team to quickly reach the perpetrators through the use of modern technologies, and the team was led by Major General Syed Sultan, Director of the Directorate of Investigations, and resulted in identifying the perpetrators of the kidnapping of the bag, who are both “unemployed” – 27-year-old accused in the number of 7 cases of “theft”, and “unemployed” – 17-years-old, and he was previously accused in the number of 9 “theft” cases residing in the Talkha Center department.

Following the codification of the procedures, they were targeted by a commission headed by the public security sector that resulted in the arrest of the first suspect, by confronting him with the findings of the investigations he acknowledged and admitted that he had committed the incident of kidnapping the school bag in conjunction with the second accused using a motorcycle “Tok Tok” his leadership and King Atel – 23 years.

The defendant added that after he and the fugitive accused kidnapped the handbag of the victim, he witnessed the incident, then chased them into a motorbike, and when he approached them and tried to catch them, they pushed them until they were able to escape, then he disrupted his balance and fell to the ground and collided with him by an unknown car coming in the opposite direction, which the commander escaped on the run after the collision .

The accused was instructed to seize the seized mobile phone and added by disposing it of the handbag and the papers it contained by dumping it on the public road, and the tuk-tuk used to commit the incident was seized, in the face of its owner. .

The efforts of the research team also reached to identify the car and the driver of the crash, and it turned out that he is a driver – 52 years old – by targeting him, he was caught and the car “a quarter of a carriage” by confronting him came with the confessions of the first suspect.

The people called the victim “the martyr of magnanimity” for his sacrifice in his life, and eyewitnesses said that, “While a teacher went to her work, two young men traveling to Tok kidnapped her handbag in front of Al-Awadi Street in Talkha. In the cafeteria and the perpetrators were chased on the road of Talkha, and during the chase one of them kicked him with his foot, and he fell by motorcycle under the wheels of a van, traveling on the opposite road, while the defendants managed to escape with a tuk tuk and the stolen bag.

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