Fyler continues to get close to breaking Jose ‘numbers after Al-Ahly’s 11th victory


Swiss club coach Rene Weiler has succeeded Al-Ahly In a record number formula in the name of the former coach of the red giant, Manuel Jose, during his leadership of the team in the 2005-2006 season, which is the achievement of 11 consecutive wins since the start of the league.

Feiler was one step closer to equalizing Dutchman Joe Bonfrear in winning 12 consecutive league matches, in the 2002-2003 season.

Jose is the record holder for consecutive wins with Al-Ahly by winning 17 consecutive league matches during the 2004-2005 season.

The Al-Ahly team continued the series “Al-Hazmeh” in the league championship after achieving the eleventh victory in a row by dropping Tanta by five clean during the match that gathered them this evening, Tuesday, in the Cairo Stadium in the 13th round of the league and shine electrifying in the meeting after he scored two goals and made a goal to confirm that it is a deal Trump for my family.

Al-Ahly quintet scored Hussein Al-Shahat and electrification “two goals” and Ahmed Sheikh and Marwan Mohsen to raise Al-Ahly’s score to 33 points and maintains his impressive record locally by winning 11 games without a draw or defeat and the red giant secures the top of the league while Tantas balance stops at 10 points and continues in the sixteenth place .

Al-Ahly, led by Swiss Rene Vyler, topped the Egyptian league championship table with 33 points and won 11 consecutive games.


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