Fyler: Two reasons behind the victory over Tanta by five … and Metwalli’s injury is not great


Continue Muhammad al-Dakr and Islam Osama

Rene Filer, Al-Ahly’s first team coach, expressed his happiness over defeating Tanta by five unanswered, confirming he was satisfied with the level of the red genie in that confrontation.

“I am satisfied with the game and the result we achieved today, and early registration helped get the match out with such a big result,” Fyler said during his remarks at the press conference.

The Swiss coach added in his remarks after the end of the match: “The continued pressure on the opponent’s goal contributed to the registration more than once and won five.”

On the payment of Mahmoud Mitwalli in the middle of the stadium, Filer said: “Mitwalli previously participated in more than one center, whether in the middle of the defender or the outright defender, and his position today was not strange to him.”

He continued: “The modern style of play in the ball depends on the presence of players who are good at playing in more than one position, and I am satisfied with Mitwalli’s performance with the team, and his injury today is not great, but it is just a muscle strain, and he will undergo a medical examination to check on it.”

“The most players suffer from fatigue and muscle fatigue due to the length of the last African flight, but in the end we achieved what was needed against Tanta by winning and scoring the three points,” said Fyler.

Al-Ahly was able to continue its victories in the league competition after achieving its 11th consecutive victory, which came at the expense of Tanta with five goals without a response, in the match that brought the two teams together this evening, Wednesday, at the Cairo Stadium.


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