Ghada Abdel Razek with pajamas and Bossi Shalaby: This is not her sleep! – Video


Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razek continues to shoot scenes from her new movie (Party 9). And whose heroine is Tariq Lutfi and Kamal Abu Rayyah.

Egyptian broadcaster Bossi Shalaby entered the scenes of the film, and filmed a video inside Ghadas bedroom within the work events, and Egyptian artist Kamal Abu Rayya appeared with her.

Bossi commented: “O people, this group is not Ghadas ritual … To think that Kamal Abu Rayya has stumbled into Ghadas ritual … We are behind the scenes of the film in a state of love among all.”

Ghada appeared in cyan-colored pajamas, and she looked completely fluffy.

The movie (Concert 9), starring Ghada Abdel Razek, and Tariq Lutfi, Kamal Abu Raya, and takes place in a social action framework, and is scheduled to be shown next summer.


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