Ghada Nafi reveals the secret of the rivalry between the late Ahmed Zaki and Magda


Actress Ghada Nafi said that Algeria honored her mother for submitting a film about the Algerian militant Jamila Bouhird.

Nafeh explained during the “With You” program, broadcast on the “CBC” channel, and presented by the media, “Mona El-Shazly”, that during the movie Age of the Moment, which was telling about the championships of the armed forces, a dispute occurred between the artist Ahmed Zaki, the young man at the time, and the great artist Magda.

Nafeh pointed out that the reason for the dispute between them was that Ahmed Zaki was presenting the children who grew up on the stage and was late for the date of filming, noting that the third army was the one who was providing them with support, which aroused Majidas anger and a dispute occurred between them and a reconciliation was reached after a while.

Nafeh added that her father was an officer in the Egyptian General Intelligence, in addition to that he was the pilot of President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Nafeh noted that it was her father who delivered the papers on the Barlev line from Raafat Al-Hajan to Egypt, and he had a great role in serving the country.

And Al-Shazly presented the video of the joy of artists Ihab Nafeh and Majda. The video showed the legendary joy that contained hundreds and the majority of workers in the artistic community.


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