Ghada Wali: I am Zamalkawi, not fanatic … and Nabila Makram: I don’t understand in Koura


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Nabila Makram and Ghada Wali at Cairo Stadium

Dr. Ghada Wali, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and the former Minister of Social Solidarity, and Ambassador Nabila Makram revealed their football affiliations, during her meeting with the artist Essaad Younis on the “Her Excellency” program broadcast on the satellite “dmc”.

Ghada Wali said: “I am Zamalek but not fanatic and encouraged Zamalek from my childhood and to be enthusiastic for him and happily when he achieves victories and distressed when he is defeated and I am not upset when we are defeated but with distress when he does not live sweet and I care about diligence and strive and tire and do everything that we have and there is no sense that there is no effort in the game I am upset because I love every need, working with dedication and passion, and remain excited. ”

She added: “I am Zamalkaweh, as long as we play in Egypt, the first thing is any team that plays with another country by encouraging the team, even if Al-Ahly plays in Africa with the encouragement of Al-Ahly.”

Ghada Wali explained that sometimes she does not watch the Zamalek matches: “Zamalek fans spend overnight hours, do not hesitate to match for what remains encouraging rigid and frightened your team overpowering the expatriates,” considering that sport brings people together and excites them and expresses its rejection of intolerance and violence, noting that it encourages Zamalek since the generation of Hassan Shehata and Farouk Jaafar and Taha Visual.

Nabila Makram said: “I am not understanding in the ball sincere, and in fact, Ghada suffers from it because she is round to the core and with an understanding in the league and the cup, and I do not know the difference between the corner and offside.”

Nabila Makram explained that she needs someone who explains to her what is happening in the games and constantly asks Ghada Wali about the match and what happens in it, adding: “His miserable luck, who sideways in the match, frankly.”

Makram pointed out that she is an athlete and plays basketball: “I am a basketball player, but football is not strong, and I am a team player because I am a footballer, because I am a soccer player.”

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