Ghada Wali on her job at the United Nations: “She underwent several difficult tests” (video)


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Ghada Wali, former Minister of Solidarity, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Director of the headquarters of the International Organization in Vienna, talked about the details of the new job, which will start its duties soon, in a lengthy dialogue with Essaad Younes, in her program “Her Excellency On the DMC screen.

“Wali” said at the beginning that its job would be related to issues that affect sustainable development in developing countries and other poor countries in particular, including the sustainable development goals in which Egypt and the countries of the world agreed to achieve in 2030.

She revealed that she was subjected to many tests and interviews during her candidacy for this international position, justifying the matter by saying: “I must be ready for any position and be a good study, and I work for myself, and the important thing is that I have failed.”

The former minister revealed what she would do before traveling the next period, saying: “Before what I travel, this month, I will spend more time with my father and my mother because I have often been short and did not spend as much time with them as I want to spend with them.”

She added that she would travel on a short vacation with her family to a Red Sea city, as well as her keenness to buy many books that she did not have time to buy or read.

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