Ghosn announces who revealed his “April coup”


Ghosn announces who revealed to him


                    MOHAMED AZAKIR

Carlos Ghosn

Carlos Ghosn, the former president of Nissan, announced that it was the French ambassador to Japan who informed him shortly after his arrest that his company was conspiring with him.

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Ghosn added during an interview with Reuters: “Frankly, I was shocked to arrest me, and the first thing I asked about was making sure whether” Nissan “knew about it so that you could send a lawyer to me.”

He said: “The next day, 24 hours after that, the French ambassador visited me and said to me,” Nissan turns against you. Then I realized that the whole thing was a conspiracy. ”

Hiruto Saikawa, the former CEO of Nissan, who was forced to resign last year after admitting to being overpaid in violation of internal regulations, told a news conference shortly after Ghosn’s arrest that he said Ghosn was using the company’s money for personal purposes and that he reported income Less than realistic for years.

“When the French ambassador told me that two or three hours after your arrest, Saikawa appeared at a press conference and gave his bad speech to my reputation … I said, my God, this is a conspiracy,” Ghosn said.

Ghosn, 65, fled last December from Japan to Lebanon, where he was awaiting trial on charges of reporting less income than he was getting, breaching trust and misappropriating company funds, charges that Ghosn denies all of them.

Source: Reuters

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