Global Health: 15 countries have reported cases of coronavirus transmission


The World Health Organization announced that 15 countries recorded cases of transmission of the Corona virus, according to “Al-Arabiya” satellite channel, in a news flash for them.

A WHO report revealed the latest developments about the number of people infected and dead by the Corona virus in China and the world, according to its latest update, and statistics show that so far 4,593 people in the world have died and 106 patients have died from the Corona virus.

The statement of the World Health Organization, that China alone recorded the official numbers of the injured and reached 4,537 cases, and the injury of 6,973 others is suspected, there are 976 critical cases, and the death of 106 patients affected by infection with the Corona virus.

In light of the outbreak of the Corona virus in China, the World Health Organization raised its estimate of the level of risk emanating from China to “very high”, and many countries around the world have taken measures to protect their citizens from the virus.


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