Gold price on Sunday 26 January 2020 in Egypt


The price of gold today, Sunday, January 26, 2020 in Egypt, where the price of gold in Egypt rose yesterday at the beginning of the week’s transactions, and Egypt 365 website monitors the price of gold in the goldsmith’s shops and the Egyptian markets with a periodic update as soon as any changes in the gold price occur.

The price of gold jumped to its peak in more than two weeks yesterday on Friday due to the Chinese virus and encouraged the demand for gold as a safe haven for investment, and the spot price of gold rose yesterday by 0.7% to $ 1573.73 an ounce after reaching its peak since January 8 at $ 1575.03 in Earlier in the session.

Because of the turbulent conditions, the price of gold has risen globally, as it is a safe haven in general, whether global or local, and the investor will resort to it or even the ordinary citizen when these disturbances occur. The price of the US dollar, which is the most important factor that is taken into account on a daily basis when determining prices, but with the recent decline in the price of the dollar in Egypt, this has slowed the wave of the rise of gold prices despite the rise in global gold prices.

And monitoring «Egypt 365», in his next report, a table of the latest gold prices in the Egyptian markets with its various calibles, and the changes in the price of gold in gold prices, and all that is found in the gold market, moment by moment, as the table includes a continuous update of gold prices «18 carat , 21 carat, 24 carat », as well as the price of a gold pound, the price of an ounce of gold.

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Average gold prices today in the financial markets in Egypt

UnitEgyptian PoundAmerican dollar
24k gold prices798.80 pounds$ 50.56
The price of 22 carat gold732.24 pounds$ 46.35
21k gold price698.97 pounds$ 44.24
18k gold price599.11 pounds$ 37.92
14k gold price465.97 pounds$ 29.49
The price of gold 12 carat399.40 pounds$ 25.28
The price of gold 9 carat299.55 pounds$ 18.96
Gold price per ounce24,843 EGP$ 1,572
Prices of gold pounds5,592 pounds$ 353.92
Kilo gold prices798,804 pounds$ 50,559

Average gold price in the past days in Egypt in the financial markets

Today24 caliber21 caliber
January 24798.80698.97
January 23792.32693.30
January 22792.74693.66
January 21792.07693.08
January 20791.73692.78
January 19792.80693.71
January 18792.80693.91
January 17792.77693.69
January 16790.87692.03
January 15793.97694.74
January 14790.09691.34
January 13793.56694.38
January 12804.03703.54
January 11804.03703.54
January 10803.04702.67
January 9797.82698.11
January 8805.38704.72
January 7812.78711.20
January 6807.92706.95
January 5800.95700.85
January 4800.95700.85
January 3799.14699.26
January 2788.28689.76
January 1783.11685.24

Gold forms a large part of Egypt’s exports of jewelery and precious stones that exceed one billion dollars annually, and gold is exported as raw materials and alloys, not finished crafts, because of the stamping stamp, which is not accepted outside the country.

The gold price has witnessed a state of instability since the outbreak of the trade war between the United States of America and China, as the war erupted between the two largest economies in the world by imposing many customs duties on the imports of the Chinese state, which in turn was responding to American decisions, and during the current time it is going Steps towards negotiations between the two countries, amid a state of anticipation among investors who resort most of the time to gold as a safe haven for investment.

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