Gold prices in Saudi Arabia today, Wednesday 15-1-2020 and 24 carat, at 187.30 pounds


The price of Saudi gold witnessed a slight rise today, Wednesday, 15-1-2020, as the price of gold in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, “Caliber 24”, reached about 187.30 Saudi riyals compared to 186.29 riyals yesterday.

The gold prices today in Saudi Arabias financial markets in Saudi riyals are as follows:

The price of 24 carat gold

About 187.30 riyals, equivalent to $ 49.93

The price of 22 carat gold

About 171.70 riyals, equivalent to $ 45.77

The price of 21 carat gold

About 90. 163 riyals, equivalent to $ 43.69

The price of 18 carat gold

About 140.48 riyals, equivalent to $ 37.45

14k gold price

About 109.26 riyals, equivalent to $ 29.12

The price of 12-carat gold

About 93.65 riyals, equivalent to $ 24.96

Gold price per ounce

About 5,825 riyals, equivalent to $ 1,553

The price of a pound of gold

About 1,311 riyals, or $ 349.49

The price of a kilo of gold

About 187,305 riyals, equivalent to $ 49,926

Gold prices today in Saudi Arabia are of interest to those who are about to marry men and women from Saudi Arabia, as are the price of gold today in Saudi Arabia in general, investors in Saudi Arabia, given that gold is linked to the global economy, and at a time when the economy of many countries has deteriorated, gold has remained a safe haven for many In Saudi Arabia or the rest of the Arab countries.

One of the most important reasons that affect the decline or rise of gold in Saudi Arabia or the world even is the price of the dollar, as the relationship between gold and the dollar is inverse and in a more accurate sense that if the price of the dollar rises globally, this leads directly to a decrease in gold prices in Saudi Arabia and the global gold exchange, and vice versa True, if the price of the dollar falls, this leads directly to the increase in the price of gold in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the dollar situation must be monitored.

Gold is considered an investment alternative in times of political and financial uncertainty. On the trade front, investors are awaiting further developments regarding the one-stage agreement between the two largest economies in the world.

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