Gold prices rise 8 pounds today, Thursday 21 and record 700 pounds per gram


Gold prices recorded an increase of 8 pounds during the morning dealings in Egypt, today, Thursday, after a noticeable movement in international gold prices, to record an ounce of $ 1571 in immediate transactions, which was reflected in gold prices in Egypt, to achieve this increase in morning dealings.

The price of 21 gold caliber, which is the most traded and sold in Egypt, was 700 pounds per gram, which is the caliber that is increasing in demand in Upper Egypt and Upper Egypt governorates in general, while 18 carat sales recorded a remarkable increase in Cairo and Alexandria.

Gold prices after rising:

Caliber 18 recorded 600 pounds per gram.

Caliber 21 recorded 700 pounds per gram.

Caliber 24 recorded 801 pounds per gram.

An ounce of gold is $ 1571.

The gold pound is 5615 pounds.

And the price of gold in Egypt, may change throughout the day for more than once, affected by the global changes witnessed by the precious metal, as well as the changes in the price of the dollar in Egypt, in banks and official banks.

Gold forms a large part of Egypt’s exports of ornaments and gemstones that exceed one billion dollars annually, and gold is exported as raw materials and alloys, not finished crafts, because of the stamping stamp, which is not accepted outside the country.

Gold is an investment alternative in times of political and financial uncertainty. On the trade front, investors are awaiting further developments regarding the one-stage agreement between the two largest economies in the world, as well as the situations in the Middle East. Therefore, gold is a safe haven in general, whether global or local, and the investor will resort to it or even The common citizen when these disturbances occur.

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