Gold prices today, Wednesday, January 15, 2020 in Al Sagha shops .. Egypt and Saudi Arabia


Rose Gold prices today With Wednesday transactions in a very slight value of one pound at the level of all gold bullets, as it recorded 21 carat about 684 pounds per gram compared to 683 pounds during trading yesterday, Tuesday, coinciding with the current price of an ounce, which recorded $ 1553, and recorded gold prices Also in Saudi Arabia, a new rise in all different gold bullets, and recorded 24 carat per gram, 187.30 riyals, compared to 186.61 riyals in yesterday’s transactions. We monitor you the latest developments in the precious metal, moment by moment.

One pound is the value of the high price of gold today at goldsmiths’ stores in Egypt, so the pound registers gold that weighs 8 grams of 21 carat gold at about 5472 pounds, and records 24 carat per gram 781 pounds, while 18 carat per gram is the most prominent in the Cairo and Alexandria governorates with a value of 586 pounds.

UnitGram price in pounds
24 caliber781
Caliber 21684
Pound of gold5472

The price of gold today

It is worth noting that gold price It has witnessed many sudden fluctuations over the past few days in conjunction with events in the Middle East, as well Dollar prices today In banks and sharp declines in the green paper since the beginning of 2020.

Average gold prices today at Al Sagha stores in Egypt without workmanship
UnitThe price of gold in Egyptian pounds
24 caliber777 to 779
22 caliber712 to 714
Caliber 21680 to 682
18-gauge583 to 585
Caliber 14453 to 455
12-gauge389 to 390
The ounce24,169 to 24,240
Pound of gold5,440 to 5,456
Kilo777,143 to 779,429
Gold prices may vary from one goldsmith’s to another

Through the previous table, you can follow a newer Gold prices in Egypt In real time, the update is done automatically in conjunction with the latest ounce worldwide.

Gold prices in Saudi Arabia

Recorded Gold prices in Saudi Arabia A new rise, coinciding with the rise of the yellow globally, as it recorded 21 karat per gram 163.90 riyals compared to 163.28 riyals yesterday, and the gold pound recorded 1311 riyals, and the ounce in Saudi riyals recorded 5825 riyals.

The average price of gold today in the financial markets in Saudi Arabia in Saudi riyals
UnitSRAmerican dollar
24k gold prices187.33 SAR$ 49.93
The price of 22 carat gold171.72 SAR$ 45.77
21k gold price163.92 SAR$ 43.69
18k gold price140.50 riyals$ 37.45
14k gold price109.28 SAR$ 29.13
The price of 12-carat gold93.66 SAR$ 24.97
Gold price per ounce5,826 riyals$ 1,553
Prices of gold pounds1,311 SAR$ 349.54
Kilo gold prices187,329 riyals$ 49,932
The latest update of gold prices today in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 02:44 PM Saudi Arabia time

All gold bullets in the previous table are automatically updated with any new changes in the value of yellow globally.


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