Goodbye, Magda Al-Sabahi The story of her daughter’s “stone” case over her years before her death


Today, Thursday, the artistic community lost the star Magda Al-Sabahi, who left our world at the age of 88, leaving behind dozens of important films.

Ghada Nafeh, the daughter of the late artist, confirmed the authenticity of the news of her mother’s death, but she was unable to complete the “Akhbar Al-Youm Gate” call with her, and she broke down in tears.

Magdas life in recent years was not calm, as many were surprised that her daughter Ghada Nafi had filed a lawsuit against her and seized all her property. Ghada was subjected to many criticisms at the time, but she was keen to defend herself.

“I did not mean to quarantine my mother, but I am just trying to protect her after she was subjected to large monuments and the forensic medicine and the prosecution office proved my words, and she asked me to initiate the matter and preserve her money,” Ghada Nafeh said on one of the TV programs.

Ghada explained that there is a young man who took advantage of her mother and made her sign papers and became required to pay a huge sum of money for him and she did not get out of this dilemma only after she proved that her mother was suffering from forgetfulness and that she was exposed to the monument.

Magda Al-Sabahi presented to the cinema a number of the most important social, religious and national films, of which a number was classified in the list of the 100 most important films in the history of cinema.

And the late artist in her personal life bears some features of the characters that I presented on the screen, because she belongs to the Al-Sabahi family known as the Menoufiya Governorate, and her father was a senior employee of the Ministry of Transportation.

As for her real name, Afaf Ali Kamel Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al-Sabahi, she studied in French schools, and during her studies in nuns’ schools, before she was 15 years old, she started acting.


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