Goodbye to acupuncture … Samsung devises a method for measuring blood sugar


Samsung announced Wednesday that it has invented a new method to help diabetics measure blood glucose without needing to prick needles.

This system relies on the use of lasers to determine the level of glucose in the blood through the process of spectroscopy of the skin, a system used by it called “Raman”.

Samsung said that the method, the details of which were published in the “Science Advances” journal, monitored mutations in glucose level with high accuracy, compared to “Raman” methods used in previous studies.

The method was co-invented by Samsung’s Institute of Technology (SAIT), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Samsung Electronics.

But Samsung has yet to put on sale a device that measures diabetes without using needles and hopes that will happen in the future.

Dr. Song Hyun Nam, a researcher at SAIT, said that the issue of monitoring blood glucose by non invasive means (i.e. without acupuncture) has been the subject of great debate for decades, and he hoped that this innovative system would “guide the direction of future studies” related to Matter.

He added: “We will continue to solve difficult problems with the belief that this will lead to the marketing of non-invasive blood glucose sensors and will ultimately help make life easier for people with diabetes.”


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