Google abandons Chrome apps


Google abandons Chrome apps


                    FW1F / Alison Williams

In a post, Google announced a deadline when all Chrome apps will stop working on all platforms.

And Google indicated in the post that it will start to get rid of Chrome applications gradually from next June, and until 2022 these applications will stop working on all platforms.

And Google announced almost 4 years ago that Chrome apps that appeared in 2013 are supposed to stop in 2018, but later reversed this decision, and postponed that process until the launch of alternative applications more sophisticated and useful to users.

Google abandons Chrome apps

The move by Google to keep pace with other programming companies such as Mozilla, which launched new versions of the firefox browser, and Microsoft, which announced an entirely new edge browser, with the aim of attracting the largest number of users, and attracting companies and sites to publish ads through its browser.

Source: blog.chromium


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