Google declares war on “cookies” .. I know you will


Google seeks during the next two years to gradually get rid of “cookies”, which is the common way in which companies track Internet users on Chrome browser, while the company said in a post to it: “The new restrictions will not enter into force until they become alternatives that they consider Google more privacy is already there“.

According to the site TOI Indian, the new plan is to restrict advertising companies and other institutions, while Google hopes to be able to create a new set of technical solutions for the various things that cookies are currently using, and to this end, it has proposed a set of new technologies that may be less annoying than It has become cookies.

It is worth noting that Apple has previously taken a similar step during 2017 with the Safari browser, but the global market share for Chrome browser increases more than three times compared to the global market share for the Safari browser, while the market share for the Chrome browser reaches approximately 64%, while Chrome is the latest A major internet browser plans to stop cookies.

Google has indicated that it will take a step-by-step approach to get rid of cookies, while many analysts expect a slight impact on the company’s advertising activity, because it collects data on users in several other ways, while cookies have fueled advertising on the Internet for nearly three decades.

Chrome has introduced new technologies that it hopes will enable marketers to target users efficiently over the Internet without raising user concerns or privacy, as this gradual approach prevents companies affected by changes from adopting unclear ways to circumvent new policies, which may risk user safety.

While advertisers have relied for decades on cookies to track users across the web and target them to ads, especially on desktop computers, but marketers have, over the past few years, moved away from using cookies to track data.


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