Google is working to add a default button to record calls in its phone application


Google is currently working on adding an option to record calls by default in its “Phone” app on Android.

Google is working to add a default button to record calls in its phone application

The service allows us to check calls from Google Inc. Recording calls, but many users demanded the company an original “default” solution that allows them to save any phone conversation, and it seems that Google has heard the call, as the company is currently working on providing this functionality in its “Phone” application on Android.

This add-on was discovered by XDA developers, specifically in the beta version of the phone app with version number 43.0.289191107, and they found that Google has already added a new design, code and more assets that allude to recording calls through the app, and some codes also indicate To a new call button that allows you to start saving your call quickly.

For its part, this feature will be a very welcome addition, especially since Google no longer allows call recording applications from external parties, and we can assume that this function will not be activated everywhere in the world, since many governments prohibit or prevent registration Calls, such as the United States of America.

Finally, it may take some time for the option to record calls to appear to anyone using the Google mobile app, but as you download the latest version of the application, it can help you get it faster than others, so make sure you head to Google Play Store To participate in the trial version or obtain it by downloading its APK file from Here.


XDA Developers.

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