Google stops support for Chrome apps soon


Do you know Chrome apps? Well, you probably did not use any of them, which is why Google wants to stop it altogether, as it has decided to stop its support for working on the Chrome browser starting next June.

Chrome applications will stop working in all operating systems for personal computers, and the beginning will be with Windows, Linux, and Mac next June, and in 2022 it will stop Chrome OS as well.

And starting next March, Google will stop accepting the inclusion of any new Chrome apps in its store, and will allow developers to update existing applications until the maximum of June 2022.

Chrome applications are programmable web applications installed on the Chrome browser through their store and operate as if they were running an application on your computer. One of the well-known Chrome apps is Phuket to save articles for later reading, as it opens in a separate window and looks like a separate application. Chrome apps differ from Chrome extensions.

Practically, when you stop the Chrome applications, you will be able to use the sites of those applications, and you will not find any slight differences.

Google had started supporting Chrome applications in 2016 after four years, only about 1% of the browser users use Chrome applications, which you find does not deserve more support, in addition to that the developers of those applications are not back to develop it.

Chrome apps were supposed to stop working since the beginning of 2018, but Google moved the section of those apps from its store and postponed the appointment indefinitely, and today we know the end date.

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