Governor of Kafr El-Sheikh: “Glion” farms produce 38% of fish production in Egypt


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Loya Gamal Nour El-Din, the governor of Kafr El-Sheikh, said that his move from the heart of Upper Egypt to the middle of the delta to take up his position as governor of Kafr El-Sheikh is a completely different matter, stressing that the citizen is the citizen anywhere in the land of Egypt, just as the state’s spending is the same, indicating that the state’s spending In the Delta just like it is spent in Upper Egypt.

And Nour Al-Din added during his meeting with the program “Happening in Egypt”, presented by Sharif Amer, and broadcast on MBC Egypt today, Thursday, in a new experiment of its kind through the “Taxi” paragraph presented by “Amer” during his program episodes. , That Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate produces 32% of rice production at the republic level, pointing out that the weather conditions have affected roads inside the governorate significantly during the past days.

“Noureddine” stressed that the “Glion” farms produce about 38% of fish production in Egypt, and that its focus in the province is based on the health and education files mainly in light of the President’s interest in these two files.

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