Grief sad .. Doctors Minya mourn the dead doctors in the cream accident


In a statement, the Minya Doctors Syndicate called on the female doctors who were killed in the aftermath of the horrific accident on the desert road in Al-Karimat while they were attending the Ministry of Health training, praying to God that he be cured of the accident.Minya witnessed a state of sadness due to the accident, and the social media sites turned into mourning squares and criticized the travel decision, especially for not traveling by train and informing them of the ministry’s training date in twenty-four hours, which made them take a microbus.

Fourteen female doctors and doctors from the commissioning doctors of the Directorate of Health in Minya, 2017, were subjected to a microbus accident on the Eastern Desert Road in Al-Karimat while they were attending the Ministry’s training. The accident resulted in the death of two doctors and a driver, the two doctors Rania Muharram and Samah Nabil and Wael Kamal, the driver of the car, whose bodies were deposited in the May 15 Hospital. .

While both doctors, Kamal Abdel-Latif, Nawara, Nabil Hamdan, Iman Atef Saif, and Ra’us Al-Qais Isaiah, were transferred to the Nasser Institute, and the doctors, Mohammed Khalaf, Samia Ali, and any of the lifters, Umniah Rifa’at, and Ahmed Sayed Mohamed were transferred to May 15 Hospital, and the female doctors Fatimah Mansour Muhammad and Jihad Muhammad Youssef And Salma Hassouna Ali and Iman Ali Mohamed Helwan Hospital

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