Gulf woman accidentally discovers that she is the mother of 3 daughters


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Thursday, January 16, 2020

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In Dubai, a Gulf woman accidentally discovered that her husband had attributed 3 girls to his second wife, so she rushed to inform the police about him and asked for a divorce from him.

The Emirati newspaper, Al Bayan, said that the Dubai Public Prosecution referred the husband, who is a Gulf national employee, to the criminal court after it was revealed that his lineage was 3 girls to his first wife, even though she is not the real mother. She accidentally discovered the matter while looking at some of the husband’s papers. She also reviewed the hospital in which the birth took place and found in the records the use of her health card and proved that she had a one-time miscarriage in addition to having 3 girls of different ages.

In the prosecution’s investigations, the accused said that he married another country without the knowledge of his first wife, and that he used her health card and entered her data in the hospital as the real mother of the three girls in different stages due to circumstances related to the nature of his work and the high cost of childbirth.

He added that he seized the first wife’s health card and used it for his second wife without the hospital’s knowledge, and then he extracted birth certificates and put the name of the first wife in the mother’s field, and he also extracted passports for girls, and when the wife faced him he asked for a period to amend the order but he did not do so She reported to the police.

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