Hacker offers 12 billion passwords for sale .. and 4 of the largest countries cooperate to control it


The Dutch police arrested a 22-year-old young man suspected of offering to sell 12 billion passwords and access codes, stolen over the Internet, and the Arnhem City Police said in a statement today, Friday, that the young man made it possible to download data for an amount of money, while not disclosing the type of data, Or those affected, and she said that investigations are still ongoing, and the Netherlands investigators cooperated closely with the German, American and British authorities in this case, according to the Emirates Vision website.

After receiving a signal from colleagues in Britain, cybercrime experts in the Netherlands were able to track down the suspect in the east of the country, where during the search of two apartments the authorities confiscated specialized devices that enabled the data to be made available on the We Lake Lake Info website, which the FBI ( FBI) withholding him immediately after the arrest of the young man, and as part of investigations, another young man was also arrested in Northern Ireland.

It is reported that recently, a family in the American province of Desoto was subjected to a terrifying situation after a hacker penetrated the surveillance camera in their eight-year-old daughter’s room, and told her that he was Santa Claus. According to the British “Mirror” website, the family put a ring camera in their daughter Elisas room before four Only days after her penetration, and during the accident, Alyssa heard a strange sound coming from her room, and she realized that it was the voice of a man.

Speaking to WMC5, she said: “I was in the hallway and I thought it was my sister because I hear music, so I came to the top floor and heard some loud noise, so I immediately said” Who is this, “and the accident footage reveals that the attacker answered:” I am your best friend, I Santa Claus, Alyssa panicked, and her mother shouted, before the hacker repeated, “I am Santa Claus.” Although the hacker has not been identified yet, the child’s mother is concerned that he may be someone they know.


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